4 Simple Tips to Increase Sales for Your Shopify Store

Setting up a Shopify store is a daunting task. But, getting a sale and increasing the number of sales for your Shopify store is equally challenging. So, how can you increase your Shopify sales effectively? Read on to find out!

4 proven hacks to increase sales for your Shopify Store

1. Create a Shopify mobile app to lure new customers

The entire world is going mobile thanks to advancements in mobile technology. If you look 10 years back, you will see that mobile/smartphone technology was at its nascent stage. However, continual research and development paved the way for the proliferation of mobile devices and applications.

Fast-forward to 2021 and almost every eCommerce store is trying to build a mobile app so that it can attract potential customers, boost brand image, enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.

In order to achieve this, you need to build a Shopify Mobile Application that has an intuitive UI/UX, includes curated content, triggers notifications according to user activity and boosts the entire user experience.

Building such applications with traditional platforms is a painstakingly slow process. However, if you use no code platforms, you can build the same mobile application in less than 10 minutes and that too with an amazing UI/UX and all the other features that we just mentioned above.

2. Send curated push notifications to drive sales

Push notifications are an effective way to retarget lost customers and lost sale opportunities.

You can send push notifications for your eCommerce store (web) and mobile application. While web notifications are great, mobile push notifications are much better since most people carry mobile devices with them and use them almost 15-18 hours a day.

Web notifications will only be shown when a user opens a desktop or mobile device and browses the website. However, mobile app push notifications will be shown even if you don’t browse the website. That is because mobile apps are connected to the internet almost 24/7 and any notifications that you trigger will be readily shown on the lock screen or notification bar of the mobile device.

Now, simply sending a notification won’t do the trick. You need to put in some time and effort to curate a push notification so that it attracts the user attention and nudges them to click it. This will eventually lead to more sales and excellent revenue.

3. Showcase social proof

Reviews are one of the best examples of social proof. Most people who shop online try and check for reviews before actually purchasing a product.

If your eCommerce store or mobile application doesn’t have reviews then it might discourage customers from purchasing products. So, start by asking your existing customers to share reviews.

You can also ask customers to share their experience with your products on your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Twitter. These social proofs will act as a reference point for consumers to create a positive image of your brand.

This will eventually prompt potential customers to buy products from your store which will result in improved sales & revenue.

4. Leverage a rewards and loyalty program

Rewards & loyalty programs are a great way to generate customer interest in your brand and products.

Small cashback points, vouchers or coupons for every purchase made will bring customers back to your online store or mobile application as they can use these rewards to buy even more products.

In addition to that, loyalty programs ensure that customers stick to your brand instead of switching to other brands.

How will this help you improve sales?

You get a steady stream of income from the loyalty programs purchased by your regular customers. These regular customers will most likely share about your Shopify store with their friends, colleagues and family members. Word of mouth promotion will further improve the sales there by increasing revenue and profits for your business.

These are a few ways through which you can increase sales for your Shopify store.

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