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Owning an intuitive eCommerce store on Shopify, WooCommerce or any other leading eCommerce platforms isn’t sufficient to boost sales & revenue. You need to go mobile if you want to target millennials, Gen-Z and all your loyal customers.

Why should you go mobile?

  • More than 60% of people own a smartphone.
  • Around 80% of smartphone users have purchased something using their mobile device in the last few months.
  • The Global Mobile eCommerce revenue is forecasted to reach a staggering 3.56 Trillion dollars by 2021.
  • By 2021, mCommerce will dominate the eCommerce market by capturing a huge share of more than 70%!

These numbers will make you realize that mobile is the future of eCommerce. Nowadays, almost every customer expects tailored experiences wherever they go – it could be a nice dinner, shopping offline or going online to purchase their favorite products.

This is where leading platforms like Shopify come into the picture. Many people are effectively leveraging these powerful brands to launch their very own online stores filled with amazing products.

This strategy has worked for a few years but as mentioned earlier:

“Mobile is the Future of eCommerce”

So, you can’t just sit comfortably with your Shopify online store. You need to explore new opportunities to grow your online business. Otherwise, your competitors will go ahead and might even attract some of your customers to their brand. That is where building a Mobile App for Shopify comes into the picture.

But, once your store goes mobile, you need to ensure that the entire eCommerce mobile app experience is intuitive and enjoyable for customers. How can you achieve that? Read on to find out!

4 Hacks for a Better Ecommerce Mobile App Experience

Stress on Customer Centricity but Turn it into Action as well!

Online stores that want to stay relevant in the cut-throat competitive mCommerce market must take customers into every decision.

If you just discuss customer-centricity and don’t act on it then it won’t help you grow your Shopify business. You need to put meaningful discussions or research into action.

How to achieve all of this?

You need to start letting your team access customer data. If you are the sole owner of the Shopify business then start looking into the customer data and extract insights instead of doing guesswork about customer-centricity.

This will immensely help you to personalize and enhance the eCommerce Mobile App Experience which will result in better brand image, more customers, more sales & excellent business growth.

Without Personalized Experiences, Your Ecommerce Mobile App is Dead

Curated content helps eCommerce businesses like Shopify stores:

A leading study suggests thatpersonalized experiences via a mobile application enable customers to actively engage with your brand.

The Result – 4x Customer Retention even after 3 months of staying with your brand!

All you need to do is implement the right personalization strategies that include:

  • Offering personalized content
  • Integrating intuitive search & navigation
  • Curated product recommendations
  • Personalized push notifications
  • Location-based notifications

Never Underestimate the Power of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback has become a norm in most companies. This feedback is usually taken from:

  • Employees about their experiences in the organization
  • Surveys about a particular product from customers
  • Random questionnaires from people etc.

This feedback should normally be used to improve products/experiences. But many organizations underestimate the value of feedback and just take it as a formality.

But you shouldn’t do that if you want to grow your Shopify business with the help of a mobile application.

Customer feedback from:

  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • In-app messages
  • Push notifications

Help you or your team to easily gather crucial insights about product experiences, things to improve and features that need to be implemented in the mobile app.

These actionable insights can then be leveraged to seamlessly enhance the entire eCommerce customer experience!

Convenient in Mobile Shopping Experiences is a Must

Customers want everything to be done blazing fast and that means they want things to be convenient. Whether it is driving a car (Many people want Tesla for its autopilot) or an intuitive browsing experience while checking out their favorite products from your Shopify eCommerce mobile application.

Many Shopify merchants have realized the huge potential of streamlining browsing experiences for customers. That is why there are incorporating seamless checkouts, fluid UI/UX, zero hidden costs and fast payments so that customers will stick to their brand instead of switching to others. Convenience has become a need-to-have feature in an eCommerce mobile app for Shopify online stores.

These are a few effective tips to improve the entire eCommerce mobile application experience.

Planning to build & use a personalized mobile app for your eCommerce business?

Why not check out Storifi? Storifi is a cutting-edge Shopify mobile app builder that comes with powerful features like the Drag & Drop Builder, Multiple Widgets, Design Components, Unlimited Customizations and the ability to curate Push Notifications according to your business needs. Even laymen can use this powerful technology to build and leverage a curated mobile application to drive sales and business growth of their Shopify store.

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