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The world of push notifications came into the limelight with the introduction of smartphones. Although when smartphones first came into the picture there weren’t a lot of mobile apps that could send notifications.

But, as technology advanced, more and more developers, as well as organizations, started rolling out their personalized apps so that they can seamlessly connect with the customers, establish professional relationships, boost brand image and drive growth.

If you are running a Shopify business then you need to be a little bit extra careful to ensure that each notification works to your advantage. Read on to know a few tips that can help create the right kind of notifications for your personalized Shopify Mobile Application.

4 Hacks to Create Notifications for Your Shopify Mobile App

1. Always Stay Authentic

Gone are the days when customers would blindly believe a particular brand and buy products from them.

Nowadays it is all about being honest with your customers. If you are not being honest then customers can easily perceive your brand as something that doesn’t meet their expectations.

The same principle applies to push notifications. Never try too hard or force your customers to buy from your store.

Instead, stay true to your brand voice and be consistent when it comes to writing authentic notifications for your Shopify Mobile App. Additionally, make sure that your push notifications align with the web and email communications. Otherwise, you might lose your authenticity. People often stick to brands that tell an honest and genuine story.

So, ensure that your notifications exude authenticity and honesty!

2. Your Notifications Should Add Value to Your Customer’s Life

Leading reports suggest that almost 50% of customers feel that notifications are annoying.

Make sure that your notifications don’t land in this unpleasant report. Instead, try to create push notifications that add value to your customer’s life. Make sure to add content that includes valuable information.

Customers have downloaded your mobile app because they believe that your brand will solve their problems. So, instead of creating more problems by sending annoying push notifications, send notification that solves their problems.

Keep this in mind – Make your customers look forward to your push notifications.

3. There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Bit of Humor

A large chunk of mobile app users are millennials. They are easy-going and fun-loving.

So, if your notifications are funny then they will make your customers realize that you are making efforts to see the world through their eyes.

Funny (not full-blown funny messages) let your customers associate with your brand and even share your content on their social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

According to a leading marketing brand, eCommerce ventures like Shopify stores should move out of traditional practices and involve some fun elements while communicating with customers.

This not only personalizes the push notifications but helps you to instantly connect with your clients and encourage action i.e., to click on the notification so that they can check out your latest deals, track orders or check out new arrivals!

4. Your Notifications Should be To-the-Point

Staying authentic, adding value and being funny do matter. But if your push notification ends up being a long paragraph then it is obvious that your customers won’t click on it.

Brevity is the need of the hour. Communication new product arrivals, deals, flash sales and other information in a compact manner not only saves your time but also your customer’s time!

Keep this in mind – Try not to write notifications that are exceeding 25 characters.

And make sure that your push notifications are being crystal clear. Don’t let being brief in notifications hinder you from communicating clearly.

These are a few simple hacks that can help you to effectively create Shopify Mobile App push notifications. Now, all you need to do is build a Shopify Mobile Application and leverage it to drive your Shopify business.

Worried about code-based platforms that will slow down the entire Shopify Mobile Application development process? Why not check out Storifi?

Storifi is an amazing and powerful no code platform that empowers both laymen and professionals to build personalized mobile applications in a matter of minutes. In addition to that, you can create ideal push notifications and send them in real-time or schedule them to maximize your sales, revenue and user engagement.

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