Shopify Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Without a proper marketing strategy, you will not be able to sell new productsand achieve those sales targets that you set for your business.

This applies to all major brands, not just eCommerce businesses. Similarly, if you are building a Shopify Mobile Application for your Shopify eCommerce store then you need to carry out some sort of Mobile App Promotion Strategies to get those initial downloads & installs.

Picture this – you have 2 million smartphones in a field and you want an iPhone 12 from that stack. Finding it is nearly impossible. The same principle applies to Mobile Applications. There are more than 2 million applications on the app store (Android & iOS). So, your customers will have a hard time searching for your personalized Shopify Mobile.

However, you can follow these 4 powerful strategies to ensure that your mobile applications get found, downloaded, installed & used. But before we get into it, let’s quickly understand a few simple things about mobile app promotion.

Why do I need Shopify Mobile App Promotion Strategies?

Here are 4 important reasons why you need to leverage a Mobile App Promotion Strategy for your Shopify Store:

  • For increasing mobile app installs
  • To improve user engagement
  • To effectively retain customers
  • To launch new products& drive sales

4 Top Shopify Mobile App Promotion Strategies for 2021

1. Carry out Effective App Store Optimization

The idea behind this strategy is simple:

As discussed earlier, you have 1000s of mobile applications on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. So, if you think that people will start installing your Shopify Mobile app the moment you launch it then you might be wrong.

You need to put in some time & effort to make your application discoverable on App stores. This is where App Store Optimization comes into the picture.

“App Store Optimization is the process wherein you improve the ranking of your Shopify Mobile Application to make it discoverable when searched.”

The primary goal of optimizing your application for app stores is to drive more installs which eventually improves traffic to your eCommerce mobile application.

2. Leverage Deep Linking

Deep linking is all about navigating users to the target page (a product or a deal page) of your mobile application to improve user engagement and drive sales.

So, all you need to do is integrate unique URLs that lead users to a product page. These can be incorporated in smart banners or push notifications to drive your target audience to the right page.

The result – Enjoy boosted conversions, improved user engagement, enhanced brand image & excellent sales.

3. Optimizing your Social Media

Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter &Linkedinare used by many people. Therefore, these platforms have tremendous reach & coverage.

So, all you need to do is simply create accounts of your Shopify store on these platforms, post some curated content that attracts your clients and new visitors. Once you consistently put effort into your social media platforms, you’ll start seeing results in the form of a better brand image, increased traffic (for your eCommerce store & mobile application), improved sales and excellent business growth.

Tip: Ensure that you focus on adding relevant & quality content to gain visibility.

4 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing comes under social media marketing strategies. This is one of the leading Shopify App Marketing Strategy 2021 that is being extensively leveraged by various brands including eCommerce businesses.

The idea behind influencer marketing is simple:

You connect with an influencer that has a good following and promotes services related to your business. You can easily connect with influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others.

Negotiate the prices for each post and let influencers do the marketing for you!

So simply developing a Shopify mobile app isn’t going to help your business get more sales. You need to put in some time & effort to optimize your app store presence and leverage various Mobile App Promotion Strategies to get more app installs, improve user engagement & drive sales for your eCommerce business.

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