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Ecommerce stores like Shopify or Woo commerce are always on the lookout for new ways to attract and retain customers. While attracting customers might be the easy part, retaining them can be actually very difficult.

Why retain customers ?

Most users casually come across your Shopify store or eCommerce mobile application and use it to check out your products. If they like it they purchase your products and if they don’t then they are out of your store within seconds.

But, the ones that did purchase from your brand – You can target them with bespoke deals, personalized offers and other exciting content to retain them.

What will you get by doing that?

A steady stream of revenue for your eCommerce store that you won’t be able to achieve with new customers all the time.

So, excited to know about some effective strategies that can help improve customer loyalty towards your Shopify store? Let’s get started then!

1. Focus on improving the Onboarding Experience

The first impression can be a lasting impression & the same holds true for all kinds of business such as large enterprises & Ecommerce ventures like Shopify stores.

If you don’t make a good first impression then you will have lost the best opportunity to not only attract the customer but retain him/her.

Data suggests that almost sub-par onboarding experiences result in almost 24% of customer attrition (churn). Therefore, you need to develop an onboarding experience that nudges your clients to come back for more!

  • Make the Onboarding Process Easy & Fast

This can be easily achieved by offering simple walkthroughs instead of complicated ones. You can also include tutorial-style or interactive how-to videos to assist customers during onboarding.

  • Tailor the Onboarding Experience for Users

If your new clients are supposedly coming from different countries or areas, then you should put in some effort to personalize the onboarding experience. Try to take advantage of customer personas to create curated experiences for users.

2. Provide an Easy-to-use Ecommerce Mobile App

Most businesses including Ecommerce stores are slowly starting to realize that mobile apps can be one of the best ways to retain customers & improve the CLV. How?

Ecommerce mobile applications act as a virtual store in your customer’s mobile device which boasts of features like smart banners, push notifications, intuitive UI/UX, fast checkout experiences & more.

To put it simply, Mobile Applications offer convenient & fulfilling shopping experiences to all of your customers and who doesn’t like convenience?

So, make it a point to build an easy-to-use Ecommerce mobile app if you want to attract clients, retain them, recover lost sales, send curated notifications & leverage a whole lot of business-growing tactics.

3. Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Email marketing has been an old yet effective tool for every business. You can easily take advantage of Email marketing to improve CLV in two ways namely:

  1. Recommending items based on purchasing history
  2. Recover lost sales opportunities due to abandoned carts

According to leading reports, Cart abandonment rates can reach a whopping 80%. However, effective utilization of email follow-ups can enable you to seamlessly capture these lost sales & improve your customer retention rates & revenue.

If your Ecommerce venture like a Shopify store leverages a personalized Shopify Mobile App, then you can also send out curated abandoned checkout notifications to seamlessly reduce cart abandonments, improve sales & drive business growth.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to overcomplicate your email follow-ups or abandoned checkout notifications. Keep it simple & to the point!

These are a few interesting ways through which you can seamlessly improve customer loyalty towards your eCommerce venture like a Shopify store.

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