What is Customer Feedback

You might’ve purchased a product from Amazon, eBay or Walmart. But, before deciding to purchase it, you’ll most likely end up in the review section trying to gather information about other customers who have availed of the product.

Some might give positive reviews while others might give negative ones. Few also upload pictures while others post videos of the product’s condition after delivery or its working. Nowadays many customers are using this practice to decide on whether to buy a particular product or not.

This indicates that customer feedback is a very important tool that is effectively being leveraged by customers. In the same way, even businesses leverage this feedback to improve their services, fix existing issues & offer an optimal experience to all their clients.

So, what is this customer feedback all about? Why does it matter & what are some reasons for its importance for businesses? Read on to find out!

What is Customer Feedback?

To put it simply, Customer feedback is all about product/service experiences shared by customers. These experiences may include satisfaction or dissatisfaction which will result in positive/negative feedback or ratings.

This information provided by customers is crucial since it gives details about your product’s quality, your businesses’ reliability & the kind of service you provide.

Usually, this feedback is taken with the help of different types of Surveys, reviews & opinion polls. You can leverage the internet, mobile apps or offline forms to collect opinions about your products & services.

These will enable you to get a picture of how your customers view you as a brand. But, why should any business worry about feedback from customers? Read on to know more!

Why Customer Feedback Matters?

Small & large businesses, as well as well-known brands, are starting to understand the importance & the role of customer feedback for their businesses. Why?

These feedbacks are an opportunity for companies to listen to the voice of their customers. These voices via reviews, opinion polls, surveys, mobile push notifications & other channels will help brands understand whether customers are enjoying the products purchased from online/offline stores. In addition to that, brands can also get to know whether clients are happy with the customer experience, availability of products, shipping times, resolution of issues and other aspects of the business.

With the help of this data, businesses can easily identify areas of improvement & develop strategies that will attract more customers, retain existing ones & drive business growth.

Apart from this, what are the other reasons which necessitate customer feedback? Let’s find out!

3 Reasons Why Customer Feedback is Important

1. It helps in Improving Products & Services

Normally, when an online/offline store launches their product for the first time, they have a certain amount of knowledge about the demand in the market & the needs of the customer. How?

Most business conduct market research to find out the best products that have the potential to achieve high profits& invoke customer loyalty. However, this might not out to be true in every case.

Only after launching the products will businesses realize if clients truly want the products or not. In addition to that, brands will also get to know about the advantages, real-time experiences & flaws of their products with the help of customer feedback.

Brands can then proceed to analyze this feedback and gain insights which in turn can be leveraged to improve & optimize products as well as services.

2. Enables Brands to Seamlessly Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer Loyalty towards your brand & the satisfaction provided by your products will determine your businesses’ success & financial performance.Both the aforementioned terms are linked to various perks that include lower costs, higher revenue & increased market share.

Did you know that most leading reports & studies depict a connection between business performance & customer satisfaction?

Therefore, businesses need to focus on making their clients happy & satisfied with the help of their curated products/services.

One of the best ways to know if your customers are satisfied or not is to get their opinions via surveys, polls, calls or emails. You can also encourage customers to leave out ratings or reviews so that you can get to know about the experiences of your customers.

With the help of their feedback, you can easily analyze & realize the percentage of satisfied and dissatisfied customers. You can also leverage this data to find out ways or strategies to improve customer satisfaction & customer loyalty towards your brand.

3. Collecting Feedback Showcases that You Value Customer’s Opinions

Some brands just launch a tsunami of products& want to make as many sales as possible without much regard for customer preferences. However, there are other brands that value customer’s opinions, encourage constructive criticism & implement feedback to optimize their products & services.

Such strategies will let customers know that your brand actually prioritizes customer feedback& implements their input. This not only increases respect for your brand but also improves customer retention & loyalty towards your brand.

Clients will share about your business practices, principles &products to their friends, family members, relatives and colleagues just because you value their opinions. This in turn will attract new customers, nudge existing ones to stick to your brand, improve sales & revenue for your business.

These are 3 crucial reasons why Customer Feedback is important for any business. Want to build an easy-to-use mobile app that offers the convenience of shopping, encourages customer feedback & improves your brand image? Then head over to Storifi. It is an intuitive Shopify Mobile App Builder that enables laymen & professional app developers to seamlessly build a beautiful mobile app for their Shopify store in minutes.

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