Mobile E-Commerce Growth

The past few years have seen a major shift in the development & advancement of mobile technologies, particularly for mobile e-commerce & digital marketing.

New & innovative technological solutions are changing the landscape of mCommerce platforms to a large extent. Add blazing fast internet speeds i.e. WiFi, 4G & 5G wireless networks, evolving smartphones & easy-to-use mobile apps and you get a winning mobile e-commerce formula.

This phenomenon is leaving major eCommerce platforms behind due to the high penetration of mobile phones among people, increased usage of the internet via smartphones & utilization of mobile applications for a majority of daily tasks.

Even, Google changed an important website ranking factor – from desktop-friendly websites to mobile-friendly websites. So, now eCommerce websites have to load properly & quickly on mobile phones if it wants to get high search engine rankings.

All of these factors attest to the fact that – Mobile e-commerce is here to stay and mCommerce apps will continue to help businesses in generating more sales which will ultimately result in excellent revenues.

Why is 2020 The Year of Mobile E-Commerce?

Here are a few reasons why 2020 can be considered as the year of mobile eCommerce.

High Growth Rate of Mobile eCommerce 

COVID-19 might have slowed the economic growth of a majority of countries, but it has pushed customers to use mobile devices for purposes like:

  • Grocery & Essentials shopping
  • Clothes & Accessories shopping
  • Ordering Food products
  • Ordering Medical supplies

This newfound love for mobile eCommerce apps & mobile-friendly websites was quickly identified by leading eCommerce organizations, online stores like Shopify and other small & large businesses.

Hence, every company started improving their mobile apps & websites to provide a personalized experience to mobile users. 

Even new businesses & existing ones that never had a mobile application developed one just to stay relevant & gain more customers.

These are the following benefits of mobile-friendly websites & mobile apps:

Mobile-friendly websites – Fast page loading times, amazing user experience, & Enhanced average time on the website

Mobile eCommerce Applications – Customized recommendations & quick access to products/services.

These factors effectively contributed to the growth rate of Mobile E-commerce in 2020.

The proliferation of Mobile E-Commerce App 

While mobile-friendly websites have a gamut of benefits, it is the mobile application that takes the cherry on the cake when it comes to providing better information about your business & its products. 

Just think about this for a second, Your Mobile eCommerce app acts as a virtual store that showcases all your products. What’s more! You can nudge your customers to check out new deals/discounts with mobile deep linking.

Mobile deep linking – An innovative way to help customers reach a particular product/offer page via smart alerts or banners on your mobile application.

But that’s not all! Your mobile app can understand customer’s preferences & curate a collection that can be browsed by customers.

You can also upsell products while the customer is completing a transaction to improve sales & generate amazing revenue.

All of these amazing perks made mobile eCommerce the preferred model for businesses in 2020

Amazing User Experiences on Mobile Applications

A well-designed mobile e-commerce app does have a definitive competitive edge over other mobile apps or online stores. Why?

By incorporating design elements that help customers to seamlessly:

  • Browse your products
  • Navigate each section of your mobile application
  • Complete checkout process

Your business not only generates more sales but gains customers for life. How?

Let’s take a simple example, you saw a new mobile eCommerce application on the google/apple app store & decided to check it out. You install it & the first thing that you come across is the user-interface.

This can make or break the in-app experience. Why?

  • If the UI/UX is good/great enough, then you proceed to check the entire app along with the products. If you like what you see, then you come back again & again.
  • But if it is bad then, you leave the app & switch to the next one. Sounds scary, right?

That is why businesses like Shopify stores & others have made a point to provide seamless user experiences to get customers hooked to their mCommerce application & this is more evident in 2020.

Social Commerce is Much More Convenient

You are browsing through your Instagram or Facebook feed when you are suddenly presented with an attractive advertisement which shows an amazing product.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Businesses are increasingly using social media platforms to showcase their products. This phenomenon was foreign 5 years back, but in 2020 this is the norm!

And most of the people who use social media platforms generally do it on their mobile phones. Since Instagram & other platforms are made keeping mobile users in mind, companies are leveraging it to gain more customers & improve sales. This phenomenon has been wide-spread in the year 2020.

That is why 2020 can be rightly called as the year of Mobile E-Commerce!

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